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The Runes

Where did the runes come from? Who created the first dark oath with the mysterious magics behind them? Which god governs the laws and mores that every Runer must religiously follow? 

Originating on Al'Myrah, no one is sure where the runes came from but that hasn't stopped the magic from spreading from the central continent. The looping, accented runes are easily discernable as Al'Myrahn but that doesn't deter users from other continents taking up the black oath.


It has long been thought that when the clans of Caerwren first raided the golden shores, they took Runers for their ability to fight the monsters that plagued the frozen shore. Not long after the first raid, the sentient of Caerwren took the runes into their culture to protect themselves from the wild beasts and monsters. No continent uses the Runes as much as Caerwren.  

There are five runes that runners must carve themselves in order to use.


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