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Freelance Services

Beta/Alpha Reading

Need an opinion but not quite an edit? Alpha reads are a good place to start! Have a more polished story? Try a beta read. This is a free service and depends on if I have the time. Always reach out!


The final stage! Need to make sure you used the proper form of "there" or didn't leave out an article? This final edit is subject to a quote as all projects are different. Let me see what you have and we'll work something out.

Developmental Edit

Need to start? Want to outline? Want to go chapter by chapter? This might be what you need. Based on a chapter by chapter deal, we can stop whenever you want. A quote for each step will be given so you know the work that needs to be done.


Want to tell your story but can't figure out what might go first or how to say something? Let me help with that! Ghostwriting is how I got my start in freelance and I am happy to work with you on a chapter by chapter basis. 

Would you reather use a third party? That's great! Find me on Fiverr!
if you are interested in having me write a guest blog, please click here to send me a message detailing your platform and the subject of the blog.
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