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Freelance Services

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All projects are subjected to a consultation before we begin.

Alpha/Beta Reading

Unlock valuable insights with my beta reading services. Engage an unbiased reader who provides constructive feedback, helping you refine your work before publication for a captivating and resonant story. Starting at .003 per word.

Copy Edit

In this package, I will Refine your words with precision. My professional copyediting services polish your content for flawless grammar, style, and clarity, ensuring your message resonates with excellence. Starting at .011 per word.

The Works

This special package combines a meticulous copyedit, a developmental edit. and a keen eye for detail and story elements. I will spot any plotholes as well as fix your grammar and sweep your sentences for readability. starting at .020 per word.

Audiobook Narration

Experience the magic of storytelling through audiobook narration! Let my voice breathe life into your words, delivering immersive, captivating narratives that transport you to new worlds. Starting at $50 PFH.

Developmental Edit

Elevate your manuscript with my developmental editing services. We collaborate to enhance plot, character, and structure, shaping your work into a compelling and impactful literary masterpiece. Starting at .010 per word.


Typos and errors distract from your message. My meticulous proofreading services guarantee impeccable accuracy, allowing your content to shine with professionalism and credibility. Starting at .005 per word.


Turn your epic, fantastical ideas into captivating prose with my ghostwriting expertise. I will expertly craft engaging narratives based on your ideas, bringing your vision to life for a captivating audience. Starting at .025 per word. Extras like outlines, topic research, and rewrites are charged separately. 

Novel Formatting

Transform your manuscript into a polished masterpiece with my professional book formatting service. Elevate your reader's experience with expert layout, fonts, and design. Your story deserves perfection. Starting at $25. 

Would you rather use a third party? That's great! Find me on Fiverr!
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