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The World of the Runer

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Each province is named for the main city inside it. While the world may be small, the continents normally remain at peace with one another unless provoked. There hasn't been a world war in half a century and some think that's too long for peace...

The world in which Sybal and Tzarik live is not so vast that every corner has not been painted onto the parchment maps of all civilized nations...AS far as they know.

The continents can be traversed by foot easily by those who know the right paths. The climates and terrain are vastly different from one continent to another and make a unique world filled with various cultures, sentients, and religions.

The trial of Two takes place mainly on Al'Myrah and acquaints readers with the ways of the eastern people and the Runers. While they travel easily between Bahratt and Al'Myrah, that's not an option for all continents and peoples. It can take up to two weeks for the moderate traveler to go from the province of Ala'Nar to the continent of Porsh: Porsh, though surrounded by three vastly larger continents, has been feared by most in the east for its tribes of necromancers. 

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A map of Xia, showing the provinces (black dotted outline) and main cities

Book II: Sojourn takes the Runers to the far east and the continent of Xia. As far as all other civilizations know, Xia is at the end of the world. To the east of the warrior continent is a chasm that leads into only bottomless blackness and a neverending waterfall. Similarly, the same fate awaits any ambitious sailors beyond The Last Ocean in the west.

Xia is an old civilization and one of only two continents that use the black powder (Al'Myrah being the other). Put into being by a great white 

Xia: Season of the Runer

dragon, the Xians believe they are the Map's chosen people and must maintain its balance through their complicated, monarchical system.

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A map of Caerwen, showing the cantons and clanlands

Book III: The Eldritch Hunt  follows Tarkan, his ward Zeva, and Tzarik to the icy, frozen shores of the barbaric, clan-led land of Caerwren.

Each canton is led by a pair of fearless Vaeson Reks. The philosophically-minded canton of Rom isolated itself some years ago when they birthed the idea of reason and logic, alienating the rest of the country. 

Hovandel is the seat of civilization and of Caerwren, exiled from nearer cantons, and is considered the capitol as far as the rest of the map is concerned. The people in Hovandel have left behind their barbarous ways and choose trade and advancement over pleasing their gods.

The Warpath is an alliance between the savage clans of Altevine, Northica, and Zealmor. They consider themselves pure Caerwren and partake in the Eldritch Hunt ravenously.