Beyond The realm

A black hare press Anthology


"Ziyad the blasphemer"

A soldier returns from a holy war in the west to find the town he built up, in the middle of the Moshav desert, overtaken by a man who has usurped his lordly throne, taken his wife, and used his power to absolute control over his people. Turning to dark arts and evil attacks on his own home, Ziyad will stop at nothing to once again sit beneath the golden domes that he built with his own two hands; but the mysterious price might just break the hardened eastern soldier.

Clockwork Dragons

A Zombie pirate publishing anthology


"Glitter Heist"

A disgraced kleptologist and her astrologist partner in crime hide in a magi-tech metropolis searching for a job just for a meal. Hired alongside an incompetent hand wizard and an over-confident half-fae, the four must break into a museum surrounded by a cursed town to steal a possessed artifact.



A Black Hare Press Anthology


Author stories included:

    1. The Sirens

    2. It Was Illegal  

    3. Jerusalem 


A Black Hare Press Anthology


Author stories included:

    1. The Witch's Sacrifice 

    2. Boiled

    3. Mirror

    4. Homemade

    5. Trapped By The Payroll

Flashes Of Fantasy

A Fantasia Divinity Anthology

Cover Coming Soon!.png

"The Ferret King Of Skye"

On the Isle of Skye, a witch fights to protect her magical talismans and herbs from being stolen by a mischevious ferret.

Little does she know the ferret King Henry needs her magical amulets and runes for a spell he is casting. The ferret king seeks to protect his people and fight for their right to fish on the shores that have been overrun by the devious otters. 

Winds of despair

A Fantasia Divinity Anthology

winds of dispare.jpg

Author stories included:

    1. Jerky

    2. Solar Winds

Lost Love

A Dragon Soul press anthology



Dealing with his friends who bully him, Jason finds hope when he meets the mysterious neighbor boy Valentine who has dark secrets of his own. The summer is a struggle between the old friends who cannot accept Jason for who he is and learning as much as he can about the mysterious Valentine before it's too late. With themes of finding one's self, bullying, and loss, this short story is definitely one for our generation.