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Today, I could not think of one single thing to write about so I am going to briefly update my darling pirates with just a little bit of everything that has been going on this month!

June and July have been madness! June was slow though. July has sped by so fast, that when I saw it was the 18th yesterday at my day job, I had to stop for a moment and wonder if I have been getting things done.

This has been the summer of writing for me and it's payed off a little. I will know even sooner if a few more projects have been pulling their weight. I have been writing for two writing competitions this month in the last week and a third anthology who's deadline is the 31st. But of course I wanted to get that done so I wasn't writing for two competitions at the same time. One competition was to write a 12k--15k novelette in a week. This is the last day for that and I am editing it like a maniac! The second competition is to write a 1200 word summer adventure. WAY easier! But I still want to give it my all so I have been waiting on that one until I am done with the two big projects.

In the mean time, I am also recording and editing my audiobook. Editing takes the hours. I can read a chapter in 32 minutes (seems to be the average) but then editing it takes about 2 hours. Phew! on top of that, I am editing and finalizing 3 novels due in December. I am getting them ready to go to a third party editor I have worked with in the past--she's great! This is of course mingled with the gym, day job, and family visits. And you know what? I don't feel overwhelmed! I am loving it as a matter of fact! I thrive in busy environments. (Oh, and I made graphics and a marketing plan for my day job, which is extra outside of working there and my boss liked them. Woohoo, go me!)

Maybe that is why July is just whipping by...Seriously, less than two weeks left in this month. I have to slow down a smidge because schools starts August 20th or so and I have to plan those lessons. Then I will have to grade papers. So, sadly, I will have to cut down on anthology work. But my goal is this time next year to have been in 10 anthologies! And I want half of them to be outside my publisher. The thing is to have a goal; if I didn't have this goal, I would stop all together. This coming year is going to be a rough one because I have to write new novels! All the ones I have coming out were already written. They have suffered massive re-writes and some profound edits, but the 50k or 100k words were already down. So novels next year!

That is all, folks. It's after 9:30am and I need to move on to my next task. Good luck!

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