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A December Update Blog

I am sorry to be writing a turdy "update blog" so soon after the last one, but I have been AFK for some time! And things are influx again!

I think I thrive too much while in flux. Being in a constant stage of change is my favorite and I wonder if I create incidents in my life to encourage flux. Do I love job hopping? No, but secretly yes. Do I love moving states? No, but secretly yes. I won't want to job hop when I have one I like. I loooove my teaching job very much and hope to keep teaching for forever. But the part-time job comes and goes like the ocean waves. It makes for a struggle and I like struggle.

But aside from jobs, I have THREE novels coming out next year (starting in March!) and you can see them on my Novels page. Also, this summer, I got into SIX anthologies and two of them count towards my goal of Ten By Summer 2020. I am still waiting on one more. It would have been three, however, that publisher had to cancel the anthology. It was a nonfiction anthology and I'm rather disappointed more authors were not interested. The story I wrote was very personal and I was thrilled to have it included. I should have blogged all through this year's NaNoWRiMo too because it was n adventure and a learning experience! Maybe I'll go that later.

I also would like to pimp out my newsletter. If you have not signed up for, do it! I do not spam and don't send it out super often. What I do send out are links to the best blogs, twitch highlights, release news, and secret short stories specifically made for my Space Pirate Armada! I will be sending out a Yule Tide short story so if you are interested in nerds, D&D, role play, and Christmas-- subscribe!

Now that NaNo is over and I have almost completed editing the three novels, I will be blogging more so make sure you keep an eye on the Facebook for updates. The instagram will be bursting with Prince of Midwest promos shortly as well: quotes, sneak peeks, a gritty playlist made by yours truly, and of course, a giveaway! Glad to be back, pirates! How was your November?

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