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Twitch TV: Gaming and Me

As it says in ALL my author bios: I love gaming. I have gamed all my life and love all types: table top, board games, card games, dice games, PC games, console games. I even love games like blind man's bluff (the only game I don't like much is tag and that's because everyone in the world is a faster runner than me).

Twitch is a place gamers like to stream. There are other places like facebook (which is weird to stream to I think, unless it's not gaming) youtube, and I hear about something called Mixer (which sounds like Tinder to me, but what do I know? I hear they loooove to promote Ninja and I'm not into him so).

Something I hear a lot is: you have to be good to stream. Your stream has to be PRO level good-looking. You have to have ALL the bells and whistles to be successful. But that's not how you start and that's not how I do it. I would not call myself a casual necessarily. I just don't take it hard. I think my stream is pretty good. I have great sound, music, interaction, overlay--all that stuff. Green screen and lighting. I haven't had negative feedback in some time, which is nice. There are all kinds of obstacles and things people say to girls on Twitch that they never to say to my gaming brothers, but I'm not going to focus on that.

I just enjoy streaming. I try to make my stream something everyone in all my genres can enjoy. I have a diverse following because of my own diversity. And I know I am not everyone's flavor. Even if you're not into gaming (or the gaming community) I hope you can stop by and say hi. There is potential for me to financially benefit off Twitch but I haven't reached that mark yet because I have not plugged away trying to get views and all that because I believe in getting that naturally. So stop on by, say hi, and leave a follow. If you want to chat or do a QandA I'd love that! I don't just stream video games! Sometimes I do writing live streams, or just chat, or do updates.

If you enjoyed my book "Revary" which heavily features gaming, then I hope you stop by while I am gaming to have a conversation. See you soon, space pirates!

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