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To...The Future!

Yesterday, I found out a drabble anthology was open to submissions. I wrote 5 in about 2 hours and sent them off! Haven't hear back, but I see they have accepted some.

I was also editing a manuscript, "The Prince of Midwest" (due out March 2020!!) when I realized the issues I have had writing and editing that story. It was rough for me for several reasons so I've decided to dedicate some blogs in the future to it. Talking about everything from planning, NaNoWriMo, publication acceptance, and beta reading. It's been wild.

I also want to focus on more drabbles, short stories, and getting my new set of novels written. I have about a year to get some new stuff going. And I want it to be new. I had almost 9 novels done (8 done, one on the way) before "Revary" got accepted, so I have some stored up. But I need to keep going. I have been distracted by these drabbles and short stories. But I can't stop. I have to keep writing.

I don't know how I'll do it once school starts again and I have 50 papers to grade a week. But I have never been more excited to do it. I am thrilled to be a real writer, author, and professor. This is what I've wanted. It's not ideal because the financial struggles are very real and the off-school months are proving to be a monster I must overcome. But I am so thrilled. I look forward to my new adventures and I plan on crushing it!

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