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I am not a huge fan of pushing "self-care" as I think the average human is quite adapt at taking care of themselves, bordering on selfish, and spending more than they earn. However, I also know there some out there, like myself, who will run till they die, give till their dry husks and never think about asking for anything in return.

After yesterday's hard-boiled, moldy debacle, I took all I could out of my savings, bought fresh food, and turned on the damned air conditioner. I also bought red wine. I loooove read wine. It makes me think of the vampire Lestat, Dracula, bubble baths, romance, mystery, murder...All kinds of things! I forgot to get a candle though, so I am short one dark and brooding item. I got these things because (of my life choices) I rarely get myself something nice. I am also a big fan of giving to my family. I know nothing from yesterday had to do with them, but I plan on visiting my mum today.

I often wonder if anyone else has my brand of anti-self-care. I do the regular kind: helping people, being there for people who are not there for you, listening, going above and beyond at work--that list is endless. But I also just don't take care of myself. I have often wondered if I subconsciously think I don't deserve to have a normal life. Why do I force myself to eat moldy food? I've done it three times that I know of! I don't have answers.

I hope this helps you reflect, introspect, and think about how you treat yourself outside of the regular anti-self-care. You don't have to take care of yourself...are you even treating yourself like the decent human being you are?

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