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The Miserable Flex (TM)

People generally want to pursue happiness. Weird how being The Most Miserable or The Most Sad with The Hardest Life makes people so freaking happy. When you are The Saddest, you get all the flex points and all the sympathy. That makes you happy because you are getting attention.

Let me cast the first stone: I used to be a gold medal Olympian in the Sadder Than You Olympics. I cried about everything. I started college at 17, had a job at 16, home life was not ideal, no idea how the world worked: I was an angry, Tripp pants wearing, black nail polish kiddo (nothing wrong with that, I still love those things to this day).

Turns out I have depression and am bipolar but I made it worse. Everyone does. With social media, we can throw it in our friend's faces. We can berate them from 5 or 6 mediums about how sad we are. Then, you form a club. You have friendships built on the soul purpose of complaining. You are addicted to unhappiness. Because it gets you attention, which therefore gives you meaning to life. Plus, it's easy to do in our day and age. No one is "making it" and those who are are working so hard they don't even know what day it is.

I recently got kicked out of the Woe Is Me Club. I still have struggles, don't get me wrong. But waking up every day and making a mental list of all the things to complain about just so people knew I was trying hard exhausted me. It's so unhealthy. You can literally re-program your brain to give you depression. So I chose to do the opposite. Now, I love my life. I love every struggle, rejection, hardship, over time work hours... I stopped complaining about it and my personal social media is down to my one BFFF heart-ing my pics. No one cares when you are happy. When you have overcome. They want to see you cry and join The Club. You are less cool and important when you are not in the Sadder Than You Olympics. This is horrible. I believe in lifting others up (I've always been a natural at it so now I'm trying to figure out how to do it on purpose). Make them feel great when they do something healthy and positive to create the same "attention seeking fulfillment" they want from being miserable all the time.

I don't want this to get any longer. So good luck, space pirates. Re-wire that brainware and fix it.

PS. I had professional help from on-campus (therefore free) psychiatrists and councilors while I was at school who gave me homework and sessions. Some people need professional help and if you do: find it. Trust me, this is better than trying to be miserable.

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