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BookSprout Reviews: Prince of MidWest

Here in lie the reviews from Book Sprout for Prince of MidWest. The reviews for the ebook contain a harsh 3-star rating that came with little explanation. I just assume the person didn't like it. Or maybe they found something offensive in it, but thought it was well-written. Who knows. There is also a 3-star for the audiobook. It's looking like PoMW is not for everyone.

First up: Four stars

Second: Four stars

And lastly for the ebook: Three stars (sad face). Maybe they didn't like how long it was?

Audiobook Reviews

On Book Sprout, I've been posting both the ebooks and the audiobooks to fish for the most reviews. Here are the reviews for the audiobook version of Prince of MidWest.

First up: Four stars!

This person gave it almost four stars and thought the book was too chaotic. The middle bit they don't like was actually a part I rewrote entirely new from the original.

In the end, I like most of these reviews. And the ones that are not all glimmery stars don't bother me too much as PoMW is actually an award-winning novel. That's about all the awards have done for me: give me confidence. But it's worth it when not so shiny reviews pop up.

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