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The Little Things

This is a simple post. I am going to share with you three things that help me get through the day. Or a bad month. Or year :) Nothing deep or meaningful, just some nice things. The three I have chosen for today are: essential oils, tea, and my desk fountain.

I don't sell oils and I hate MLMs (just an FYI). My favorite brand is NOW and has been for some time. I have used and studied essential oils for years now. I am no expert but I do enjoy them. I do not think they are cure-alls for every ailment but in my personal experience they really help when used correctly in conjunction with other things.

I bought this particular diffuser because it looks like the incense in Pokemon GO :)

I love lavender of course. I use it for everything and hope one day my couch and skin are just permeated with the stuff! I also have found clary sage to be divine. I need to go get more, but I have to wait till the bigger paychecks come in. Oils are not cheap so every time I get to restock is a real treat. Plus, they help mask ferret smell!

Next up: Tea! I used to be a coffee-only drinker but now (I guess I'm old already??) it really upsets my stomach. I still drink it though and just suffer through. Pairing nicely with my oils, I grow my own herbs to make tea with. I love mint and lavender of course and use my splenda leaves to sweeten it. I often need more sweetness though and use honey. I don't put sugar in anything to be honest. Only honey! Which, I know, blah blah, has sugars in it. This pictured here is what I call my gypsy tea pot. I found it online one day and just had to have it. My other tea pot is a blue one I found at an antique store! The purple mug is from a local artist. I love that stuff! Outside of my own herbs, I drink the Yogi brand of tea. They have one that is lavender and honey so naturally it's my favorite! I drink it by the pot!

Ahhh, my water fountain. So small. You can't see the flame on the top part, but it is lit! This is one of the first decorations I bought when I moved in to my current apartment. It's so dark in here, I desperately needed something to brighten it up. As you can tell, I love the outdoors so I needed some inside with me.

This is just an amazon buy, but I tried to make it a little more magical. Tea lights, rocks, succulents, and fairy lights really make it come together. It makes a lovely gentle trickling sound and coupled with the other two above things, it makes my gloomy apartment and my life so much more vibrant.

When I'm feeling down, tired, confused, over-stimulated by life, and just plain overwhelmed, I turn on my diffuser, make some tea (even if it's hot, which it is, omg!) plug in the lights and turn on the fountain. It sounds like a lot and my loved items might not be yours. I encourage you to find one to more things like this that can help you. One day, I'll go into more detail about why I chose these things because it might help you find your own. But for now, start looking and keep your eyes open!

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