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The Fuzzies Of My Life

These little monsters are Giacomo (white one off to the left), Phasma (dark brown in the middle) and Dovahkiin. They are the reason I live and work. If I didn't have to buy them food, litter, keep them clean, and turn the air conditioner on for them, I'd probably be a homeless writer.

Ferrets are great pets for people who want a challenge. I've raised a little bit of everything and ferrets are by far my favorite. I've had a few and they have passed away from various illnesses that domestic ferrets often suffer from. That is the tragic part. The ferret diet is so precise that a lot of ferret parents (ferrents??) cannot get them all the nutrition they need.

I do my best and this trio is the oldest I've ever had. Everyone says just give them raw meat and supplements and they will be fine. Well, for whatever reason, no ferret I have ever had will touch raw touch food! So I get them some expensive, raw, no-grain cat food and vitamins and fat supplements.

They all three are fat, energetic, and have nice coats. So I guess I'm doing ok.

I let them out of their cage whenever I am home. They run around the living room, poop in the corner of the kitchen, steal everything that is not nailed down, and just bring me so much joy. It is hard work keeping the place un-smelly. But all it takes is discipline! Clean them out every day, keep bedding clean, keep cage clean, keep air cool and fresh. In the summer they can get STINKY if the air is hot and humid.

I really didn't have a point to this post, just wanted to show off my little monsters!

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