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I don't do food often (weird considering how fat I've gotten since moving to Ohio). I like food but I am NOT a cook. I would be everyone's last choice if the world ended and we were suddenly thrust into an apocalypse situation. They'd probably eat me before they let me make food they ate.

I have been surviving on about $800 dollars a month and I got asked "what do you eat?" The person who asked this could not see my body. They probably assumed I was some edgy, lip ring-wearing, hot skinny artistic chick. Thanks, random internet person! (Just for the record, I am not a fan of HAEZ and I do not hate my body. More on that later)

So here is what I do: each shopping trip I buy three things: a fruit/veg, a protein, and a carb. That's it. I am working out and trying to lose weight so I want to make sure I have what I need to keep going and keep my (broken, depressed, bipolar) brain functioning. Taking care of myself, see?

It's easy to buy one of each of these for cheap. I do not make "meals" as I do not buy ingredients. Ingredients is a rich man's game (ahaha, I kid, calm down). Eggs are often 87 cents at my local supermarket. Bam, protein! A 1 pound bag of rice is like 99 cents. Bam, carbs! The fruits and vegetables are where it gets pricey... I spend about $12 on fruits and veg when I go shopping. If I can't, I buy those $2 bag of baby carrots and the same priced bag of celery. Boom. Shopping done.

When I have to buy cleaning supplies (gotta keep those ferrets clean and the apartment clean you descend into gross poor person fast) it does get harder. And I will admit to visiting my parents just to get a dinner :) But it's not so bad, people! I have a roof over my head, AC (thank goodness!), and even get to play video games. My life is great. This is the perfect segue into my next blog topic: The Miserable Flex (TM).

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