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Stupid, Dumb, Ever-present Hope

Man as a species is dumb. They hope for things they will never get, keep trying over and over again until they are satisfied, realize it's impossible, or are dead.

This pictured here is the mustard flower. The plant that gives us the phrase "faith like a mustard seed." I think faith and hope are often interchangeable as words in our modern English language for the most part. For recreational use. This is the plant that gives us mustard yellow. Gives us the best condiment for corndogs (fight me, ketchup if for hotdogs).

It is that condiment that made my morning. This is a very late post... I woke up late, cleaned the apartment as I always do on Tuesday, bought groceries, etc. I have to baby sit my parent's dog so I decided to make a sandwich to take a long. Mustard also goes on meat and cheese sandwiches. So I tried to squeeze it out onto the bread and wouldn't you know it? It's not mustard that comes of French's container. It's that horrid, gross, mustard water!

All over my bread. I have been eating mustard my entire life. I KNOW you have to shake it before you try to squeeze it out. I KNOW THAT! I even thought about it when I was tipping it over my unsuspecting bread this morning. Then why did I spill the mustard water all over my bread and make myself cry at 11:30 this morning after a horrible start?

I have no idea....

I think part of me was returning to mankind's desire to hope. Faith in that mustard seed. I thought maybe this time (it was a new bottle!), just this one time in the entire history of the cosmos, the mustard water would not be there. But it was. And I was sad. I do this is in other parts of my life (not just condiments). I think "Maybe this time it will be different." I try that on everything. Even things I KNOW will not turn out differently. Why?

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