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Refill The Well

I have several dilemmas haunting me and and my writing right now. I have been a writing a lot this summer, which is good, and I am kinda stuck on this one story. No, I do not have writer's block, I know what to write and how. I don't know what will happen if I do.

So first, this summer has been insanely productive! I have gotten into two anthologies (that I know of) and am waiting to hear back from 4 other publishers. I am almost done editing three novels. It's been good.

I feel drained now, though. I have written over 15 stories (of varying lengths) since June 4th (and this is July 26th). That's a LOT! Tapping the well of inspiration and discipline that much (that fast too, I was writing maybe one book and one short story a year until now! Laaaaaame!) has really dried it out. That is not to say that I no longer have the drive and inspiration to write because I do! It just feels forced right now, unnatural, no organic flow or phrasing.

I think the way to combat that is to get some audiobooks. I am reading Big Fish still (almost done!) and will continue to read my one book a month thing (haven't gotten back into the Aubrey/Maturin books yet; am on book 4). But I want some more. Unfortunately, I know anthologies aren't really audiobooks. Which sucks because that is one sure fire way to get a lot of stories fast and refill that well! Maybe I'll look extra hard and find some at my library. I bought a cd player for my room so I can listen all the time. Because we poor people have to hit up the library for audiobooks! :) I am also slowing down what I submit to, which I said in another blog. I am happy with what I have out right now waiting to hear back, so I think it's a great time to recharge.

As for that other story...It's about someone in my life and I am worried to write it. This person doesn't read anything I write any way, but I have the worst luck in the world. This will be the ONE story they choose to read and will get so mad. I love this person, but if they see how I am portraying them in a story, they will get "hurt" and probably very upset. But this is a true story. I'm sorry, I don't know what to tell you. I don't hate you. So this is why I am stuck on this one story. Maybe I just write something else for this anthology? But I feel like it won't be as genuine since the real story will come out very organically and feel really real. So I don't know what to do. And I will probably struggle with it until it's too late! Good luck to you writers and creators on your journey today!

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