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Read It Again, It's Ok.

Did you know it's ok to re-read a book or watch a certain movie over and over again? It's not just for kids!

I feel like I need to say that because I am a person who re-reads books and re-watches movies. As you saw in my post about Robin Hood, I obviously re-read some books. I used to read Lord of the Rings every year (like a lot of fantasy writers).

Years ago when I lived in Texas, I got made fun of for wanting to watch a movie a second time. It was some Marvel superhero movie (I honestly don't remember which one). I brought it to hang out with friends and wanted us all to watch it together (something I thought people did). Well, everyone had seen it. I was asked by one guy if I had seen it and I said yes. So they wanted to know why the heck I would watch it again. People don't buy movies much either any more. Or if they do, they get the digital version. That's ok and all, but why buy it if you don't like it? Most people I see now do not re-watch movies! Is it some kind of flex to have a huge digital cinema library?

I have re-read The Belly Dancer by Deanna Cameron probably 12 times. Sometimes a couple times a year! I was a belly dancer back in my Texas days so that's probably why I like it so much. But it's also just so good! My sister made fun of me many times for carrying the book around, reading it again and again. I also watch some movies over and over. I've seen Ten Inch Hero probably 150 times.

But I want the rest of you to know that it is OK to read books over and over. You are not stunting your writing life or the variety of your healthy reading. If you like something and get anything from it (even entertainment or nostalgia) every time you read it, that's fine! Read what you want and enjoy what you want.

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