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One Month Gone!

Greetings, sky pirates! It has been almost a month since my last blog post and let me tell you: it's been a crazy month! I've been writing, giving workshops, and just plain trying not to die.

And what a morning...I woke up at 5am like always, hit the gym, and noticed my car's tire pressure light came on. After breakfast and getting ready, I went to the gas station not far from my nest and tried to fill the tire. Well, wouldn't you know it, the machine wouldn't take my card! Freezing, wet, and still sleepy, I went into the store. The guy at the counter didn't know what was wrong so I called the mothership. Turns out though my car is so small and weird (it was someone's custom build) that we could not get the at-home tire pump latched on! So I took a family car (making my little brother late for his class by this point because he was trying to help) and drove the 45 minutes to town where I teach. Phew...I left my Red Bull in my car, was 30 minutes late to teach my first class, and now have to take my car in when I get home and hope it gets done before I have the second job this afternoon! The stream tonight will be lame because I will so tired...but the show must go on!

In the time since I've been gone, Coffins and Dragons has been released. My story "The Gift" about the London fire and dragons and vampires and hunters features among some other really interesting takes on the mythological creatures. Now, if you signed up for my newsletter, you'd already know this!

I got two rejections that I am dealing with, but have big plans for them anyway, so it's ok!

Also, from Black Hare Press, the drabble (100 short stories) anthology is available to order now as well. I have five crime-themed drabbles in this little darling and they are all different and unique! I had fun writing drabbles this summer and think they are definitely good for advertising and exercising your strengths as a writer.

Because of that, this month I am going to send out short little horror stories in the newsletter leading up to my favorite holiday: Halloween! I don't want to bombard my dear readers, so only three or four will go out.

As the next few weeks go by, stay tuned for those promised Patreon goodies and a few other exciting announcements! I also have one more appearance coming up in November in Ohio. What have you been doing this past month? I hope you've made some great changes and strides in your life. I post almost every day on Facebook and Instagram, so make sure you follow the social media to stay in touch!

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