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Oh, my! A Blog!

The newsletter went out with the short story "Ocean Gypsy" just a few days ago to decent reception! (According to my web site's analytics, anyway)

This is the first major step into something I hope to keep doing and have meant to be doing for the last 6 months. But taking on new projects is difficult as everyone who is alive knows.

That being said, what is this and what can you expect from this weird audio adventure thing in the future? I am so glad you asked! I wanted to do a Patreon-only podcast awhile back. But I could not figure out how to upload restrictive episodes to Spotify. Then, Patreon only has options for monthly goodies for loyal patrons. Sadly, being realistic, I knew I could only get something like this out quarterly (if that, I'm dreaming big here...).

In the midst of all this pandemic stuff, moving, and having some of the worst depression and anxiety I have felt in a while, I decided to not commit (I hate commitment it seems) to putting out Patreon goodies or figuring out how to do anything beyond YouTube. This is not how things will be forever though. The moving may be stressful (and I might be homeless) but the job will be secure, dependable, and steady. I have not worked a job with a set schedule...ever! So the steadiness will allow for for-sure-creative-time. I will be busy, but this new job will make it so I can make time!

Since Patreon won't work out, everything I make for audio adventures will be free. Good for you! Kinda sucks for me, but I plan on selling the short stories on Amazon KDP for those who want to read them or see how I spell a place or person's name. They will be complete with covers and everything!

Speaking of which, my short story "The Gift" will also be available directly from me by the end of this month. I know traditional publishing is obviously the dream and I have that in Dragon Soul Press and I am eternally grateful. But I also think that I need to learn to do these things on my own. There is a certain power and admiration that goes with self-publishing (and I know the masses disagree). But it's something I need to do.

Keep an eye out for all the exciting announcements this year! Lots happening. In the meantime, listen to Ocean Gypsy and read The Gift!

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