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My Go-To Binge Shows

As I write this, Survivor season 13: Cook Islands is playing in the background. I cant tell you how I found it or why I keep watching it. Over and over again. Some people make fun of me for it, but that's ok, I mean they watch Storage Wars or the Kardashians.

Binge watching is fine, honestly. I do it often. When I first started Stranger Things (about a month ago, I'd never seen it and everyone said I'd love it and they were right) I watched the entire first season in a day. I could not stop! It's really good :) But that's very rare for me and I'm sure other people too! Some times we don't have time to binge a show every day...or week. Or month. But we'll get there eventually!

Because I am always moving around and working even when I am home, I have to have background noise. I wanted to do audiobooks, but those are stories I have not heard and so like new TV shows, I cannot do that and work at the same time. So I watch the same over and over again. It also gives me the illusion of company. Writers are lonely folk as it is. We have to have personal time and space to create, often for hours at a time. We have to be left alone and I'm sorry. It does suck for those around us, but I promise we will emerge some time!

My background noises of choice are: Friends, The Office (US), Parks and Rec, and Survivor. Not surprising at all, is it? While I am here, let me assure you: if you like something stereotypical, THAT IS FINE! You will be made fun of for it, but that's because people are stupid and will take any chance to put another down no matter how petty. If you have not seen something that People Like You are supposed to have seen and loved (I have never seen Journey Quest...) that's fine too! And if you are sad and pathetic like me, you play the things you love all day long to give the illusion of friends, community, and society.

I like Friends because I like Chandler and Phoebe. I like how it touches on SOME realistic things and natural relationships. I loooove the platonic love. All six of those people love each other fiercely and it's nice. Ross is my least favorite though...He's a great friend but terrible at romantic relationships. You can see it in every single one of them all the way up to him manipulating Rachel to NOT go to France and live a dream life. Boys, those of you who do not understand being a good friend but not relationship material, look at Ross.

I like the Office for God knows why. I honestly don't know. Outside of the different characters, the genuine feel, and the fact that it has 8 glorious seasons for me to fall asleep and vacuum to, I do not know why I like it. I skipped Scot's Tots last night. According to the internet, that makes me not a real fan :) I don't have a favorite character. Maybe Meredith! I do like her. I have a little more reason for liking Parks and Rec. I love that it is ALWAYS SUNNY in the show! ALWAYS. They are outside, it is bright, everyone is super peppy and full of energy. That is not my life. So I know that is why I am drawn to Parks and Rec. Favorite characters are: Andy and April, Tom, and Diana.

Survivor. It's a mix of everything here. I miss living by the ocean sooooo much. So much to the point where I went through a Captain D's drive through yesterday and the building (looking like the structures near the water) made me cry while I ordered fish and hush puppies... Yikes! So I love looking at the outside. I also love physical competition. I like American football a lot for the same thing. I don't know what is going on, but I love watching strength try hard. I used to be very psychical myself and in shape so I think I live vicariously through it. I also like the tiny drops of good drama now and then. It also is just noise so I feel like there are people around me. Like I said, a little bit of everything.

So that's it! I hope you enjoyed this little look into my TV fetish. What TV shows do you put on in the background? Which ones do you actually watch?

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