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Keeping It Professional

Updated: Aug 20, 2019

It's hard to stay nice and kind on social media in general. The internet is a disgusting place where the mean thrive and disrespect is guaranteed. When it comes to subjects close to your heart or your core beliefs, it can be very difficult to stay professional.

I had another run-in with an author during an online party a writing group on Facebook was doing. We were all sharing pics, info, snippets from our books--stuff like that. Someone asked the dreaded question: pantser or plotter, which are you? As you all know, I am a die-hard plotter and it works for me and I honestly believe that people who can't write every day COULD if they would just plan their time and their writing.

The guy arguing with me (and insulting me) said he used to write papers then outline in school becuase they were required. Funny thing is, I used to do the same thing! But it wasn't the best practice and your writing will be better with planning. And I'll say it again: planning does not mean there is no organic story growth or flow. I plan chapters one, two, three, four, and five and as I write, I suddenly have a new three, four and five the original are now chapters six, seven, and eight! And then later, get eight gets taken and made chapter four! It's all organic.

Any way...I am proud of how I handled the situation and think I maintained professionalism and that the other dude did not.

I wrote a whole blog telling the story of the offended guy and just deleted it. The point is, people will come at you swinging and you have to be above reproach. I firmly believe in blocking people. If they hit a nerve because they are so wrong or being so disrespectful, do not reply, block them, and go about your day. Seems too risky when you are trying to get all the author and publisher friends you can? No.

People like that are not who you need while you are trying to grow. Blocking people is not weakness or petty. It's just defending your journey. There is no reason to allow awful people into your life just because you think they might open a door. They won't, especially when you defending your way or beliefs causes them to fly off the handle and insult you. They will remember and sabotage your attempts. So block 'em out!

That is all.

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