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I Think I Can...

Hello, space pirates and welcome back to the week! June was an insane month. Emergency surgeries, hospitals (two separate occasions), family visits, fires--it's been a month a half. I swear I am so tired. That being said, I have decided to bang out around 9,000 words for a short story, which is due by July 31st.

I decided to write for Dragon Soul Press's anthology "Coffins and Dragons" because that theme is practically made for me. However, I didn't start earlier because I just didn't have an idea. And forced writing is my trashiest writing. Unredeemable really. Everyone has some kind unredeemable writing and forced writing is mine. It's short, gross, sounds stupid, and relies on cheap thrills.

Well, I kept seeing fellow authors posting about it and one commenter (on facebook) in particular just kinda ground my gears. I couldn't let them do what I was not. So, like the very beginning, I decided to write out of jealousy and a weird kind of competitive dishonor. So here I am, amidst the insanity, trying to bang out a story about a dragon who creates a vampire by accident. It makes sense in the story, I promise. I hope it gets accepted, as there are only TWO spots left in the anthology.

I hate rushing and I hate spending time and this precious (miraculous) inspiration on something that could get rejected as easy as a snap. But I have to try. And just writing is good for me. Writing with a goal in mind sharpens the skills, hones the mind, and just brings experience. This is a good thing even if I don't like it. The decision to write it was extremly difficult since so many people need me right now and I am working on big projects at both jobs. But I had to just do it. And that is what I say to you! JUST DO IT. You don't lose in this scenario. Sure, my story might not be chosen but it's not wasted time.

Good luck!

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