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Hello, New Month!

Mermaid Musings is a great facebook page!

So after a pompous Monday post, I forgot to post yesterday (Wednesday) because I opted for a nap after my workout...Turns out I was tired! Things are about to heat up too...This is August, the month of school. The month I have been waiting for. I get paid at the end of this month (I think).

This summer has been short. It has felt long at times and short in other respects. June felt very long. I was writing like a witch under a hex for the first time in years. I wrote through July as well but it felt more controlled, more normal. I got a lot done. I will write a blog post about each and every anthology I wrote for (to the best of my abilities) just so you can see how much I did do and how much was rejected.

Rejection is normal, by the way. I got a handful of drabbles published (and hopefully a couple short stories, we'll see) and got several rejected. Now, there are some writers I know who will boast about how they don't get rejected and I know it's for several reasons. But I cannot focus on them. I have to focus on me and my writing. Because I love my writing. I am producing so many stories, characters, lands, and adventures and I love them all! I haven't penned any that I do not like right now. And my three novels are really coming along! After this, I am working on "Prince of Midwest" for about three hours, hoping to "finish" it and send it off to my editor soon.

These are my last 20 days. Then it's back to school, grading papers, office hours, lecturing, reading textbooks...So many papers to grade! I will have around 50 students this semester and I am eager for the challenge. I will not stop writing. It might not be ten drabbles and three short stories a month kind of writing any more, but it will not be no writing!

What was your summer like? Did you accomplish something? Anything--even tiny wins are still wins.

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