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Happy Monday!

I love Mondays (right now). Today started rough with a few rejections (but I have a plan!) but everything else is going well. My brother is visiting and we're going to make brownies later. Probably play video games too! But all of this happens after writing.

I started today like I always do: a mile and a half run. It was good! I made a new milestone in how fast/long I ran (nothing huge, but personal bests are great). I am getting ready to shower and eat a smoothie before I sit down to write.

Sounds ideal, right? It is lovely and I am doing it because I have always wanted to be that person and for now I am. I say for now because once the semester starts...I will be a weird swamp monster English professor! I will still be getting up early to exercise but it will not be in the fresh morning light. It will be in the dark of the hours where no human should be awake. And my breakfast will quickly deteriorate into mashed potatoes and some form of soggy eggs.

I love that side of my life too. I love being this (not skinny) healthy woman who wakes up with the sun, goes running, drinks tea or coffee, has a smoothie and sits down to write for 4 or 5 hours. It's AMAZING. But I also love being crazy, frazzled, hurrying, teaching, coming home dead tired, trying to write, and crashing for a nap. I love all versions of my life. It took me a while to get my act together this summer because of the devastating financial issues I am struggling with, but I thrive in struggle. And it's part of my character. It's all wonderful part of MY life.

I hope this starts your Monday off well and inspires your week. You're life is just as amazing! you just have to look at it the right way. Good luck!

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