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Freakout, Then Calm Down

Today's blog is brought to you by waking up late, taking too long to make breakfast, and then filing my pirate flag in my front yard for 5 minutes for whatever reason.

It happened again. I woke up late (I had planned to sleep in today, but then slept even later!), was slow moving and am almost 2 hours behind the schedule I wrote for myself. I love writing out and planning each hour of every day. It helps me be productive and I stern hand when it comes to disciplined use of my time. I get sucked into the Netflix black hole, or the eternal darkness of iFunny, facebook scrolling, or (and this is new) instagram. Sometimes this happens at 8 o'clock in the morning!

I want to tell you it's ok to get off schedule. But don't do it all the time. I know people who never stay on track and they think it's ok, but they are not getting stuff done. They do eventually, but it's things they could have finished in 2 days rather than a month if they had just buckled down and gotten it done.

When you are on a tight time budget, stay on track. If you fall off, it is totally ok to freak out, have a moment. But then get back on and work again! There is nothing more satisfying then getting your check list done. Buying random office supplies is a close second though. So relax, freak out, then get back to work. If you get behind one day out of the week, that's great. I'm gunna toot my horn and say this is only the second day this month I have fallen off the horse! Go get you some! Good luck!

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