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Dressed To Profess!

I have never been a fan of "dressing nice". Not that I haven't been a fan of fashion, because between the ages of 13 and 20 there was nothing more important than Tripp pants, spiked collars, black nail polish, lace dresses, and Morticia Addams and Lilly Munster.

I've taken it down a notch simply out of necessity. First, I am a fatty (more on that later). Second, it is HOT in this building. Black is just not the best option right now...No one wants a fat, sweating, out of breath professor huffing into their argumentative essays.

Second, there are other witchy aesthetics that I can explore. I love the bohemian/hippie witchy look too.

To get my semester's worth of clothes together I did something simple: three pairs of pants (black, jeggings, and burgundy), varying tops to mix and match, and several accessory covers (sweaters, long vests, etc.) I have earrings to go with major color I wear: green, blue, purple, and gold. I wear chandelier earrings and an up-do. This is for two reasons: up-dos keep the hair off my neck (remember hot, fat, and sweaty) and the chandelier earrings cover the fact that you cannot see my jawline and make my stumpy neck look more elegant. Plus, the add a gypsy mystique that I love.

Now, as the weather gets colder, I WILL be donning the black again! I love the black. But it's important to remember that you can look dark and mysterious and professional at the same time. It took me roughly 7 years to get the balance between me and professional right, but it can happen. I never thought it was possible. I have found that the way to do it is through two things I hate most: finding EXACTLY what I want (very difficult it seems for me) and spending the money on those things when you find them. But once you do--and stop compromising!--you will be more happy in your professional personal taste.

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