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Awful Morning...

Today started out ok. I woke up on time and did morning yoga. I was hungry by the time I was done, so I went to make a tomato sandwich I had been dreaming about. Well, my bread was moldy. I think food molds faster in this hot, humid apartment.

See, I can't afford to turn on the old, electric guzzling AC unit (I think it's from the 1970s...) and it is humid. So the bread went bad. I can't afford a lot of I ate it any way! When I took a bite, an ant was in there! I assume it crawled onto the bread when I was making the sandwich on the counter top. For some reason, every morning I find one or two wandering ants in my kitchen. I am super insanely clean (like Monica from Friends kind of clean) so I don't know what is attracting them.

Now, I am boiling in my apartment with a very upset stomach. I should know better by now. I have gone ahead and eaten rotten food too often. Often enough to know I should just throw it away and go hungry. It's much easier to have a hungry tummy rather than a I-Want-To-Vomit-Everything tummy.

This is my own fault though. I decided to not take a second job over the summer. And I don't regret it. Sitting here, eating my moldy, bug-filled sandwich, I don't regret it. I have written more short stories this month (not counting the drabbles) than I did last two years combined. I have also had (currently) 4 drabbles accepted to publish in an anthology. Already it's worth it and I still have two more months of this! Two more months of moldy bug sandwich and sweating in my 90 degrees apartment sounds horrible, BUT if it continues this way, I will have so much writing done and (hopefully) so many acceptances that it won't matter. No, they don't pay, but that's not the point when you're a writer.

So I have decided (my own fault, remember, and I am ok with that) to take a huge chunk of my savings and buy food, wine, and turn on the AC. I like wine and I haven't had any since March so I think I deserve it!

Good luck in your life and I must go vomit. <3

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