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Another Happy Found!

I like to keep track of places or times when I feel happy. Or just not feeling stressed, anxious, dead, overwhelmed...You know, feeling normal. I found one yesterday.

I was walking from the English building to my car, which was close because I get there so early (about 7:30am) and get to use the close parking because no one else is there. When I arrive, it's usually only a few minutes into sunrise. I like that time of day. When you still here the night bugs singing loudly but the tiny chirps of birds is rising and the squirrels are stretching and yawning on dew-soaked tree limbs. I em enjoying this now because up north, the closer it gets to pumpkin season the longer it takes the sun to rise. Soon, the first 4 hours of my morning will be total darkness...I do not look forward to that. You'll hear about in a couple months.

But that's not my happy place! I was walking out at about 1pm, done with teaching, done with work! It's nice at first, but the rest of the week is hell. Any way, the sun is up and I haven't seen it all day! My office has no windows and the rooms I am in don't either. YIKES! It wasn't too hot yesterday (but we are still hitting 90 some days) so the walk from my office to my car was divine. I was happy. I had exercised already, written, edited, worked. My day was done! I was starving though (breakfast at 6am makes one famished by noon!). I normally pack food to bring and eat it on the way home but yesterday I forgot so I...went to a fast food place. :(

Any way! My drive home on days like that are a happy place. Sun is out, weather is nice, I had been really hungry then full (that's a good feeling!). Normally, I listen to an audiobook on the way home. So this happy place is amazing because: 45 minute drive home, full tummy, sun, audiobook, and the rest of the day ahead of me! I had done everything. That's Monday AND Wednesday for me! It seems unfair that I get to have two great days every week. But it's more than I normally get and I am grateful for them.

What unexpected happy place have you found?

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