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Acknowledge Your Support System

Updated: Aug 20, 2019

Personal post this time around. About being the provider, support, drive, and lone wolf. Most female writers I have met online through publishers and events are married or in a relationship. They have someone else there to help them through the work and hard times.

Banking on what I said yesterday about needing someone to talk ideas out with, you also can thrive if you have a support system. I want to be clear, I love my family and friends and when asked, they do give support.

But there are a few "writing mommies" out there who I think need to acknowledge their amazing support system because they don't. Now, I don't know exactly what a day in their life is like, but I do know I hear about it a lot on social media. Almost like a flex. An internet flex is when you say, inside commas or parenthesis, something that is SO HARD for you but you muscle through any way. For example: "Oh I didn't know what to submit to this call. I have nothing good (fried mommy brain, so tired, never sleep, ugh)" often followed by "I just wrote this so fast it's so bad but it got accepted, yay". Their posts often look they are pushing some MLM oil or protein shake. These comments are often surrounded by Tweets and posts like "Hubby was so nice to take care of the kids all day" and "had to go pick up the kids from grandma's."

I know each day is different and each life is precious, unique, and varied. It's why I love this planet. But I also know that you have love and support that gives you strength. I also know that you do NOT need to submit a story to every single God blessed call for submissions out there. Write a few good things. I fell into that trap myself for a few weeks (there is a blog about it!) but I am over it. You are worth more than 100 trash stories written in fevered haste while you complain about your kids. Quality over quantity. Stop trash talking your husband/partner and kids and love them while they let you write. Your work is not more important than the family you chose to build, especially when they are loving and supporting you.

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