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Your Space: A Sacred Black Hole

I used to be so obsessed with my writing space, that I never wrote. All I did was try to make the perfect space.

I needed, candles, a desk (didn't have a desk), a lamp, a space for my tea pot, pencil holder...

The list can be endless. There is saying that goes something like "if you wait for the perfect time, you're never going to do it" or something like that. And it's true. If you wait for inspiration, you will never write. If you wait for all the circumstances to align, you will never be happy.

However, I do believe in a writing space. The lovely picture here is not my writing space. This was the set up for a video I did, but it's so beautiful! But I had to write without a desk. Without a lamp. And my heart still yearns for a pencil holder and a desk organizer. And little drawers in my desk. I found the nearly perfect desk, by the way. It was used, on a facebook garage sale group. It's wide enough for my gaming set up but has no drawers. If I waited for the Perfect Desk, I wouldn't have one.

Creating your writing space can be very helpful. It can also suck you in and make it so you never write. Be careful, but make one. Make the time too. It doesn't have to be the same time every day (that will probably never happen), but you need to have at least an hour where you say, "Don't bother me, I'm writing." And turn your damn phone off too.

Once you have your writing space (don't not write in the mean time), write in it! It's like going to the office and tells you "here is where I write". It's like training yourself. Make a lovely space that you like. But don't fall into the black hole.

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