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When You Don't Know What To Write

The blog post today went through about 5 iterations, 3 google image searches, and about 15 minute of pondering. That's long for me and my recent blog posts. So I decided to write about everything.

I wanted to write about my money struggles, but I'm pretty sure everyone knows how broke I am. It's just getting a lot more scary. It's real and present in my life (skipping meals, no AC on, etc) but it's not going to kill my writing passion, so why focus on it?

I also wanted to rage about the small town I live in. I hate it, but everyone knows that too. I did't always live here. I've lived all over the US and that gives me a perspective others don't have (especially people in my creepy Stephen-King-Was-Right-About-Everything town). But complaining is not lucrative. It's not going to hurt my stories (yet). There may be a time when my depression, discomfort, and anger infect my writing negatively, but that's not today.

Today, I will write at least 3 more drabbles and work on "The Ferret King" short story. If you see those in an anthology later, you know none of this effected mt writing. And that I got accepted. Now, if they don't accepted, don't worry. I still wrote them and am fine. :)

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