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Walk Before You Sit

I tried to find it, but I can't. Maybe it was a false quote. It was attributed to either Lewis or Tolkien, and it said something to effect of always walk in nature before you sit down to write.

I totally agree! I used to be a professional dancer for a living back in Houston, Texas. It was hard work, but I was young, loved it, and it never felt like hard work. It was a great creative outlet for me. And I have a body that loves to move. That also means that now I have stopped, it is a big fluffy potato body! But it still craves movement.

I got into running about 5 months ago and JUST now hit a jogging goal. I jogged for ten minutes straight yesterday! Woohoo! (See, I told you I was out of shape now!) But I'm not saying you have to jog/run and sweat. I am saying get up and move to get your blood flowing and lungs breathing.

It's science and all that. Once that blood is flowing and oxidized, everything is brighter and easier. And if you can walk around a lake or in some trees, it's even better for you! It only takes ten minutes. Now, I do an hour or so right, but that's because it's summer and I am able to make the time (remember, you will never find the time, you have to MAKE it!). It will be much harder once school starts up again and I'm teaching all morning. Seize the day!

I do aerial yoga, run, and lift. Find something you love and get on it! Good luck!

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