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Sworn To Carry My Burdens...

I use my family's rooms to record audiobooks, I ask them to read my novels, I ask them to review and share on social media, beg them to vote in GoodReads polls. The list is endless.

I also say no to hanging out so I can write. I ignore text messages so I don't get sucked into a conversation or worse: end up making plans. I don't have weekends or nights off because that's ironically when I work my day job (during the summer and also when the semester starts).

I feel like I use the people around me, stealing their love and effort. But there are also times I feel like I'm not supported. In fact, and I'm sure other authors will agree, I had to isolate myself because I was not socially allowed to write. So I had to "run away from home". I had family things I HAD to do. My family is very demanding. I appreciate the closeness, but it made it impossible to have a career or do "fun things".

But I stove to stay in contact, please them, let them know I love them. I'd still murder someone for them. And now that I have held on to that family love, and our dynamic has changed, I get to ask them favors! They are supportive and happy for me now. It was a rough road. But it can happen. So, young writers, do your thing, but don't ditch the friends and family. Cutting people out of your life is not a smart thing to do. There are exceptions, of course, but it doesn't need to happen as often as you think. You're a writer: communicate. Figure it out.

Good luck!

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