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No Shame In It

There is nothing wrong with you take notes, outline, or write. There is nothing wrong with your process so long as you have one and it works for you. How you choose to remember things, get words written, brain storm ideas is as unique and viable as you are.

Normally, this kind of thing is brought on by someone sticking their ugly nose in my business and trying to demean me or make me feel stupid (remember last post?). But this time it was just something I felt passionately about.

I am very set in my ways and think they are the best and only way to do things. You have read me rant about my process, my outlines, staying organized, discipline. All those are good things and there is no other way for me to write and create. There really isn't. I have tried this summer to mix it up and get spicy with no outlines. Yeah, no didn't work, got writer's block, wrote a semi-outline and the story is sitting there, not being written. Seriously. I screwed up by trying to write an outline later.

But that's not a lot of people. I don't know how successful the "I don't outline" people are, but I know some very successful outliners. It's weird how the non-outliners are getting all snobby about their "more organic" work flow. BUT! That's fine :) If it works for them, then that's great. What I am here to say is this: I record myself on video to quickly talk down an idea. When I say talk down, I mean the same thing as write down. I am not talking down to the idea, trying to get it off the ceiling. I am talking it down so I remember it and can say things faster--as fast as my ideas come.

If you voice record your ideas (I do that too, but I have to search for the voice memo app on my phone and the camera is just right there) that's fine too. If you write them down with pen and ink that's fine too. But it does not make you better or more of a writer than me or the weird dude who Snapchats his ideas to himself. I have to speak my ideas out loud sometimes because they are coming SO FAST! And getting better as they go, but I don't want to lose what first inspired them. So I video record. I want that whole train of thought for me to go back and listen to. I did it just last night and got over 2k words out of it.

Whatever works for you works for you. You are not a level 150 writer just because you use a typewriter, eat avocado toast and drink dissembled coffee. I am not a level 150 writer with ten points in stamina because I video record. We are level 150 writers because we are writers.

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