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If You're A Writer--Write It Down!

I have memory issues. I forget everything. I can be sitting at the computer, remember I need to grab something from my room, stand up, and wonder what the heck I was going for...

I know not everyone is as special as I am, but making a list helps everyone. Plus, when you check them off, it helps you feel like you've gotten something done...Because you have!

I know I talk about organization and outlining ALL THE TIME, but that's because it's so important for those of us who cannot get up and go to the gym in the morning. I was not a morning bird. I was not a night owl. I was that permanently exhausted pigeon the meme talks about. But with structure, (and magical discipline I do not have) I was able to turn into a person who gets things done in the morning. Not a morning person. Just what I said: a person who gets things done in the morning.

Sometimes, like today, I am running short on time and almost fall behind. I have 15 minutes to finish writing this, edit it, and post it before my nest task. And I will get it done. I just have a regular pad of paper on my desk where I write down the day, date, and then every choir I want to get done on this day. I failed hard Friday and I wrote that over every check I did not complete. To remind myself and to go back at the end of this month and see how I did. What does were hardest? What days were cake?

Keep a record, keep track of yourself. Check it off! Good Luck!

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