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I Don't Know Marketing

I once somehow marketed my Twitch channel into Twitch Affiliate. I averaged 10 views per stream. I lost it when I took time off and have never got it back. How did I do that? No idea...

I didn't do instagram, twitter, snapchat. Now I do. People say it's how things are done now days. I believe them. I am trying to reach people in my local area, but it's hard when you are not fond of it and you are an outsider. I live in a small town (for now) and they don't like people who don't have 3 or so generations living within a 10 mile radius of each other.

I don't know how to do marketing, but here is what I've done with small outcome. It's a LOT of work. I take random pictures (like the one you see here), throw a filter on them, blur them out and toss a quote on them. My friend (an artists who understands the struggle) suggest I put my own quotes on them. Novel idea. Why did I not think of that before??

So I am trying that now. I also have to interact with other people, which is my Kryptonite. I have such bad social anxiety, it has cost me a few jobs. You'd think interacting on social media would be easier, and maybe it would have been when online anonymity was easier. But today it's just as bad as walking into a bar.

Interact, like, share and (omg this one sucks) comment and reply. Do that on twitter, instagram, facebook. It looks spammy because it is. I think it looks cringy and it is. It's looks like Karen and her MLM marketing. But you have to do it. Sometimes, you can have good, genuine interactions. The website should be up in a couple months and that might help. I'll get back to you once that's up. Good luck!

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