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Sybal and Tzarik set out on a quest to find a way to break the fate-binding tying Sharar and Tzarik’s fate together. Their journey takes them across the map as they try to bargain with the gods themselves, but nothing seems to give them the answer they seek.


Weakened by the malignant wound, Sharar cannot steep himself in the magic of the Mahit’Onomicon, afraid the power might overcome him. But he has a more immediate battle to fight. He seeks to strike out against Tarkan, manipulating the sultana into doing his bidding.


Tarkan sits upon the ruby throne in Alika with an army of undead and risen alike. But now it is time for the final step. Sure of himself and his power, Tarkan travels to Xia to break open the Crypt and finish his long-overdue plan once and for all.  


In this thrilling conclusion, Sybal must rise to face her greatest challenge yet. For in a world balanced on the edge of oblivion, even immortality may not be enough to protect those she holds dear. The fate of the living rests in the hands of the dead, and the price of victory may be more than any of them can bear to pay.

Season of the Runer Book V: A Cure for Fate

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