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Summer is over and tensions are high between the boys as Huck falls deeper into depression, ignoring Arkin's own experience. After a fight, the boys plan a road trip to Colorado for mountain biking, camping, and to finally discuss their trauma.

But Huck never appears to pick Arkin up. Worried about his best friend, Arkin calls the police and informs Holly. Two days later, Arkin is convinced Huck has been kidnapped, though he has no proof. Arkin and Lilia follow Huck’s last steps, look for clues in his belongings, and find he has once again been obsessing over Coven Wood and even planning to return to the cursed, hidden town. But Huck never left. His car is still parked just outside a traveling carnival in town…

Together, Arkin and Lilia investigate and slowly realize that more than the demon is hunting Huck and that whoever it is, wants to bring him torment and pain.

DarkFront Witness Book 2: Hunted

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