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Huck’s powers are growing stronger, but are also growing out of his control. Just months after escaping the Beldam’s basement, Huck is plagued by visions, dreams, and waking nightmares he cannot control. One of the things he sees is a secret group of people that seem to want one thing: him dead.

On top of that, Huck learns that one of his closest friends might a witch and that vampires roam the streets at night. With school taking off and his mind still broken and shattered from the month of torture, Huck battles not only his inner demons but all the monsters outside as well.

Huck embarks on a dangerous journey to find out exactly what is breaking the barrier between the Dark Front and his world before it’s too late, and unchain himself from the demon Gormalech once and for all.

DarkFront Witness Book 3: Free

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