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There is no life without death. No love without cruelty. No freedom apart from bondage. There must be one to have the other.

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no Hearth can melt nor forge e're burn the god touched lands beyond these shores

 Greetings, readers...

Here there be space dragons...

Abi has been a writer all her life, but is a mentor at heart. When she is not writing, you can find her slaying enemies online or hunting for the next bohemian adventure. She has published works of fiction, poetry, academia, and even won awards for her short stories in science fiction and horror. 

Abi is also a proud mom of two…ferrets! She live streams on Twitch where you can enjoy her terrible gaming skills and join the live discussion. She works part-time as a freelance ghostwriter, editor, and audiobook narrator, hoping to one day make these passions her full-time job. She currently resides in Kansas.

She is one of nine children--all who share the creative spark.

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