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The Season of the Runer Series 

Book I: The Trial of Two

The endless road and life of a monster-hunting Runer has gone stale for Tzarik and death is the only alternative. Tired of risking his life for the prejudiced people of Al’Myrah, it’s time to just let go. The only thing that stands in his way: A Runer cannot take his own life, breaking his oath to the dark magic that binds him to the hunt. 

When a warlord from the far east threatens her family, Sybal, a young diamond mine heiress with a lavish lifestyle, takes action to protect her family and estate. But when her crime is witnessed, she must stand trial for murder. To save her own life, Sybal calls for a trial by Runing—a dangerous and often fatal pact with unknown magic.

 Thrown together by law and dark magic oaths, Tzarik and Sybal find themselves entangled with an eldritch force when a lone necromancer hell-bent on devastation, rises up, and ravages the eastern continents. Tzarik must conquer his desire for his own demise and train the empathic Sybal to save the people from a risen death.

Book II: Sojourn 

The easternmost continent of Xia waits to be torn by civil war. Tradition says that one will be born marked by the dragon god--distinguished by their white hair. Every dynastic house on the continent hopes the new ruler--the Di-Huan--will be born into their house so they may rise to the highlands and the Royal City. This ever-changing rule satisfies the loyalists but some think it’s time for change and a single lineage should rule the blessed continent. 

There are no Runers on Xia. A mysterious creed called Wushito culls the monsters, banishes ghosts, and lifts curses without runes or the white blood. Wushito is revered and loved by most on Xia. Others are not so sure of the creed's absolute rule and the power they share with the Di-Huan. Shrouded in mystery and hailing from an invisible city unable to be found by any except those who know where to look--the Wushito keep the hauntings under control. But with Runers ashore, their dark secrets may soon be brought to light and the traditions on which Xia is built will be tipped into chaos.  

Tzarik wants only to hide as far away from Al’Myrah and Sharar as he can. Fleeing to the farthest reaches of the map, he lands on Xia with his apprentice in tow. But the runes force them to hunt, putting him and Sybal directly in the way of Wushito and the middle of a civil war they may be more connected to than they think. As tension rises and the war becomes imminent, they learn one dynastic house holds more dragon touched than all other houses on Xia: That of the House of Xiaoh, the very lineage that produced the warlord Sybal murdered with her own two hands.

The balance between the dragon touched and Wushito must be held or the continent will be put asunder, bringing with its destruction more devastation than the Runers understand. Put in the middle, the Runers set events into motion they then must see through to the end or risk unleashing a malevolent force into the world. A foe from the past appears amidst their new struggle, complicating their sojourn and quest for sanctuary.