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I missed a blog yesterday because it was a holiday and I spent the day rolling a D&D character with my brother. He was very nice to help me out as there were numbers, stats, conditions, and all kinds of other tomfoolery I didn't understand flying all over the place!

I have played other tabletop RPGs before but not D&D so I am super excited to get lost in the vast world of Drizzt and others (I love the Drizzt books). I even started out rolling my old character Folkvar (who you met an iteration of in Revary, but is just named after my RPG character, nothing else. I'm a writer, I gotta reuse names!) but then decided that this character would be Folkvar II, son of Folkvar. It's all very exciting for me to see my adventurer's family growing.

Besides that, I have been buying sponsored ads for facebook, instagram, and goodreads to try to push Revary. I am wondering if it's a sinking ship at this point and will try different advertising at a later date. I have to try it all because I don't know what works: I do search the internet though to see what other people are doing. I like trial and error.

I am also making an appearance at a library in Ohio! My first ever live appearance where I will be hosting a workshop. I have had one request for world-building. That is indeed a topic I think I am strong in and would love to talk about it with examples and show people how I do it. I know I do things different from others and I enjoy how I do things so it might be worth it. The workshop is in preparation for the author fair that will then be held the following month. I am very excited about these opportunities! They may also be a sinking treasure ship, but we shall see!

Lastly, I am still working novels and short stories. I have several short story deadlines coming up for publishers like Zombie Pirate Publishing (who I have not heard back from about my apocalypse short story) and Stormy Island Publishing. I have finished a sword and sorcery story for Black Hare Press but have not submitted it yet. I had a paid beta reader lined up for two more (she did one for me) of my novels coming out next year but she said she cannot afford to beta read and tried to charge me for line editing instead since she needed the money so I had to pull out. I am upset about this of course, but have to move on. I hate to send my editor (at my publisher) a not-as-good-as-it-could-be manuscript but it's where I am. Unpaid betas won't get it back in time. I did my utmost to edit myself so I hope it's good!

That's that, space pirates. I'll see you tomorrow with a writing blog for a change and see if I can pass on some advice from my blunders and inspire you as you keep writing your own story.

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