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Stay On Target!

So this post is going to be shorter. Because I am very busy today, but I had to say this. Staying on target, keeping your routine even when you are very busy can really help out.

Now, let me preface this by saying there are some days where you just have to ditch the routine and get going! If you are very excited, or it is impossible to do all the things, then something has to go. However, routine is comforting and can help you focus if you feel crazy.

Like today. I have SO much stuff to do all before 2pm if I can help it. I thought about ditching my Tuesday morning routine to get it done, however that would leave dishes in my sink, a dirty carpet, and laundry all over. Tuesdays are my cleaning days.

I cannot leave the apartment messy and try to writ in it at the same time. Sometimes, I can but I knew today was not that day. So I am instead trying to discipline myself and get it done. I woke up and I did have a slow start, which was not good. But I cannot ditch my routine today. Listen to your head and gut. Will it be better for you to forget your routine and things you need to do? Or (and be honest) can you create and work in the mess and insanity around you. I know those of you who like to flex will say of course and that you always work in insanity. But surprise! That just might be your element and routine :) It is for some people and in a leadership role I often thrive in chaos and fear. We are never the same when we are trying to work.

So if you need to, keep the routine!

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