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School Is Coming!

I'm a professor of English at a university and I cannot wait for school to start again. I have been teaching for about 2 years so maybe I'm still in the honeymoon phase. Or maybe I just really like my paycheck.

The truth is, I like structure. My other day job does not have a lot of consistency and structure. But as the manager, I try to bring order and structure. So I go bonkers a lot over there. This summer has also been insane. I will do a blog post about all the anthologies I got into this summer (once I hear back from all of them).

On top of that, everyone--EVERYONE-- quit at the other day job. So I was running everything alone. Then, we hired 4 new people and I was training them AND running everything alone. Well, turns out writing and working full time (and dealing with toxic things elsewhere) really did a number on me. I had a mental break down and my other day job boss is making me take this weekend off. Which is good because school starts Monday!

So why do I like school? I loooove teaching. I teach writing. It's just the best. Plus during office hours, I will be able to edit my audiobook, write, and plan. I like to plan, planning helps put this mind at ease. I will also be able to cut back hours at the other day job. That will help put this mind at east as well. So, yes, I like when school starts. I am upset at myself for not taking time off this summer and doing something amazing (I am day tripping tomorrow!) but I had to work and make the dough and I had to write! I think in the end it will all be worth it.

Good luck, pirates, and enjoy the last days of summer!! PS. This may not sound like "mental breakdown material" to you, but trust me: I am a seriously tough cookie and the stuff that has been going on is legit. You don't know so no casting stones.

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