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Audio Book!

A few weeks ago, I ask my publisher if an audio book would be a good idea. To my surprise, they said yes!!

I worked really hard to get a sample to them. I had to find a space that was sound damp and had to figure out the software. Yes, I only used GarageBand, but it's hard to learn for someone who is coming off of Audacity! Plus, I have had bad experiences with it and I didn't like it.

I googled all kinds of things and found the specifications needed for publishing an audiobook. I set GB up and got to work. I read for hours...and hours! In my mom's sewing closet. Yes, it is too loud where I live and I have no walls. So I called my mom up and said I needed to use her sewing closet and was it out if I brought over this recording equipment (fancy word for the audio stuff I use for my stream).

I got an email back from my publisher after I finally submitted the sample and they want one more sample. So we'll see how that goes. I am going to record it today, hopefully, when I got visit mum again. So excited to be taking this next step!

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