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High school twin brothers Mark and Huck Derringer host a small but successful ghost-hunting web series with their mutual best friend Jasper. While Mark and Jasper are convinced the things they see go bump in the night are real, Huck argues fiercely against it, insisting the things they capture are easily explained away. After a night of hunting and celebrating a milestone of views on their channel, a terrible accident turns the boys' lives into a real-life horror show.

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Book Release Event: The Eldritch Hunt

Join me and my talented narrator, Aaron Smith, as we discuss book biz, stories, audiobooks, and working two full-time jobs to support our dreams as we celebrate the release of the third book in my dark fantasy series Season of the Runer!

Interview begins at 4:00 minute mark

The Realm interview

Interview on the series The Realm with author JV Hilliard 

Praise and Reviews for Prince of MidWest



"This book did not disappoint at all. A little Count of Monte Cristo, a little Interview with a Vampire..."


 "I loved the atmosphere of this novel. It is written very well and it was hard to put down."


"Easily the most thrilling vampire read of 2022. Prince of MidWest is a spectacular novel..."