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Golmasiah: The Short Story Podcast

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Blood magic is not a holy gift...

The island world of Golmasiah may be divided by oceans but the Outerwinds blow from one kingdom to the next without a care for mortal struggles. Each island may sing different praises, but they all fall into the ears of the same god and goddess. What binds the mortal worshipers and the immortal gods of the Outerwinds is their reverence and belief: without the prayers of the island people, the gods drift into an eternal sleep. Until they waken with a vengeance. 

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With each prayer and blessing, a mortal may spin magic. Most magics are used for good among the common folk, kept in check by the watchful eyes of an order called the Basilica comprised of cathedrals and powerful Theurgites on each continent. But these keepers of magic are not as holy as they seem.

Tensions rise between the people and their rulers when kings and queens reach too far into the power the Basilica holds over the common folk. As faith in the Outerwinds dwindles and the gods grow distant, the mortal overlords move in. The mortals seem abandoned by the Outerwinds and Golmasiah descends farther into despair until a mysterious woman washes up on shore with the power to pull magic from the very blood of living creatures.